Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Come join our club! It's really, really fun....REALLY!

Zander had managed to pass his misery on to all of us. We are all plugged up snotty messes. Except Tater, she just has an ear infection. It is really strange that she had no symptoms she just started complaining that her ear hurt on Sunday. So the very next day we took her to the Doctor and she had a BAD ear infection, so bad her ear drum had popped. Yikes! How is it that she did not complain about anything until it was that bad?
This all leads into our wonderful night we had last night. Tony took me out to OG for my birthday (yummy) and we had a great time. Unfortunately I did not have all my homework done. So when we got home, we put the kids to bed and I had to finish up the rest of my homework. I got it done around one and went up to bed. I was so exhausted from the yucky cold and I just wanted to sleep! I swear that I just got comfortable and I hear Alex crying then coughing then crying some more. So, I went to get him only to be greeted by the smell of throw-up. I get Tony and we start the clean-up process. I clean Zandey and he cleans the sheets. It was pretty funny listening to him rinse the sheets and gag. We get everything cleaned up and Daddy decides to sleep in the chair with Zander. I give him a towel and he looks at me questioning what it was for. Trust me, you'll need it was my response.
I just started to fall asleep and I hear Tony calling me because he needs my help. It is around 3:30 by now and this time Zander got Daddy. He was finally initiated into the club after three years and seven months of being a parent. It was the first time Tony has been around when the kids have been sick, so it was the first time he has ever been the target! I have been thrown-up on countless of times and I told him when he got back from Iraq it was his turn! We start the whole process over again. Get everything cleaned up, I throw all of the sheets, blankets, towels and jammies into the washer. Tony takes Zander back down to the chair and we repeat it again. By this time there is nothing left in the poor guy's stomach. We decide that we don't think that he is really sick, we think it is all of that mucus in there because it is brought on by the cough.
It is now 4:00. Hannah wakes up because her ear hurts. She wants to be in bed with me. Ok, I put her in bed with me. She tosses and turns so I give her motrin. She finally falls asleep and Daddy comes up with Zander. We switch and I take Zander into the other bedroom. Time is now 5:30. Are we going to get any sleep? Hannah wakes up at 9:00 and starts crying because she wants Mommy. Tony brings her into the room and she wakes up Zander. Tony takes Zander downstairs and I lay down with Hannah. Not long later the dog comes running in and wakes up Tater. By this point my eyes are burning and my head is pounding. Thanfully, I have a wonderful husband who let me sleep until noon and then let me take a two hour nap with the girl. Without that sleep I do not think that I could have made it through the day.
I did have a wonderful birthday though, just not a good birthday night. I got my camera and I have enjoyed playing with it. We had my party with my family on Saturday and then my dinner with his parents tonight. So I got to enjoy two amazing meals, two very yummy chocolate cakes and a dinner out with my hubby all in four days. Now on to valentine's day...

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