Friday, February 01, 2008

Follow me through a bunch of rabbit trails...and some poo

Miss Tater-Tots had her first ever dance lesson tonight. She was so adorable! Her Grandma Chips bought her a cute little leotard outfit with matching slippers. The bummer deal is that is in an enclosed room so we watch them on a little tv which means no pictures! It was cute to watch though, the floor has little blue squares to sit on and since her cousin Anna is in the class they sat next to each other. One problem she had was when they went to the ballet bar and Missy Tots could not reach it. Her teacher told her to just touch the wall. I think she did pretty good for it being her first class. I was a little worried about how well she would listen, and on occassion the teacher had to personally get her attention but I think that is normal for a three year old. I think that she likes the class and we plan on signing up for three months as it was our trial night. There was one little incident that happened after the class. There was a little boy there who was probably 8 or 9ish, who was a rambunctious little fellow. (As a side note I would like to think that my children would be able to sit still or at least do as asked when they are that age as it was only a half-hour class, my second side note is that he had nothing to do so was probably bored) Anyway, after the class let out Hannah walked past him and he said "She has a really big head!" Thankfully Hannah did not hear him, but that is the first time that we have ever really had anything like that happen. I was not prepared for it. I just let it slide even though that is not what I wanted to do. Up until this point she just looked small for her age, now it is starting to be noticable. I have to question myself as to how we are going to deal with this. I would like her to be able to just shrug it off and not let it bother her. To be able to stand up for herself and say, yes my head is big so what? Or when people call her shorty she can just laugh because she is short. I want her to be the strong one, even though on the inside I want to protect her from the hurt that it will cause her, the sneers of the uninformed. It hurts my heart when I think of all she will be up against, but I know that she has spunk and she will get through it.

********This next part talks a lot about poo!********
So, we are almost there I can feel it. At least I hope we are and I am not just getting worked up over nothing. Maybe she won't be the first one to have to delay entering the public school system because she won't go "poopy in the big girl potty." Because I was seriously starting to wonder if it would ever happen. Tuesday night she actually pooped in the big girl potty...all by herself. With no coaching, coaxing or forcing. She just went in there and pushed it out. Of course we sang and danced and jumped around, she even got a prize out of the deal. Then later that night she pooped in her pull-up. It is sort of like take one step forward and two steps back because she'll poop and then will refuse to sit on the potty for months. Then tonight she wanted to try again and bless her heart she tried, and tried and tried. She tried for over an hour with little success (just a few little "poops" came out). Poor girl was so tired because it was past her bedtime, she just started crying saying that it hurt and she wanted her diaper. I talked her into trying some more with no luck. I still made a big deal about it and she will still get a prize in the morning, but I just wish it was not so hard for her. I sometimes wonder if it has anything to do with her short stature. I mean how would you like to try and poo when your legs are straight out in front of you?

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Renee said...

It's such a tough thing for little ones to go number 2 on the potty!!! It is very common...many of our 3-5 year old's at Terra had issues! But they get past it.

You've probably already tried this...but have you increased her fiber? That worked for Julia, she would eat a chocolate "cupcake" aka fiber filled muffin and it would help her go easily. Just a thought:)