Monday, November 19, 2007

Nothing but a house full of sick kids

It started on Friday with a routine check-up for Tater. I took her to her new PCM in order to get a referral to the endocrinologist. During the check-up the doctor looked in her ears and said that it was so full of wax that she could not see into it. She gave us some ear wax softener and sent us on our merry way. Saturday shortly after I put the drops in she started crying saying that it hurt. I looked in her one ear and it had blood in it. I was a little freaked out by this, but hubs did not seem to think it was that big of a deal. When asked if it her Tater always said no, but she would not let us touch or clean out either ear. Normally she loves getting her ears cleaned so this kind of worried me as well. We ignored it for the night thinking that if she complained that it hurt we would take her to ready care. Then today when I put the drops in her ears she did the same thing saying that they hurt her. So at about six I convinced hubs to let us go to ready care. We got there and the doctor looked in her right ear, the one with the blood and said it was fine. He looked in her left ear and she SCREAMED, and fought because it hurt. She then would not let him finish the exam without a fight, that girl is a tough one. Daddy held her arms, the doctor her head and I held her legs. Fun times. The problem: a badly infected ear. Not sure what the blood from the other ear was, he said it possibly ruptured and is repairing itself but he just saw some scar tissue.

As we are about to leave I decide that maybe Alex should get checked out. He has had a cold since we were in Ohio. Whenever he has a cold that drags on like that it is always the ears. So, once again I convince hubs that we should stay at ready care to get the boy checked out. His story is slightly less dramatic as he had an ear infection in his right ear and a "slight" upper respiratory infection. So antibiotics all around!

By this time it is a little after seven. Hmmm, I wonder what pharmacy is open on a Sunday night? I take out my phone and start calling every pharmacy under the sun, to find out that all of them close at six or seven on Sunday. As I am calling hubs is driving through town to all the ones that I have yet to call. Apparently, you can go to the auto parts store, get a tattoo, get fast food, rent a video, and go tanning BUT if your kids are sick you cannot get them antibiotics.

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