Monday, November 06, 2006


Although he is quite the cutie, he is also quite a handful. Just today I was telling the hubs that Alex is the type of baby that makes you wonder if you're really cut out to be a parent. But really he's not that bad I've just been spoiled. You see I had the easiest/happiest baby in the world when I had Hannah. Either that or I had some mad parenting skills....go ahead laugh. I'm sure that's what God was doing when he heard me think that! Sure she was jaundice and I had to feed her with a medicine dropper because she wouldn't latch on, but she was easy. At least I remember her as being easy. She was sleeping in her crib (after she got out from under that "light") and would go right back to sleep after eating. At least I remember her going right back to sleep, but honestly I'm picturing us in our house on Loblolly, so she was already two months old. She didn't cry whenever you put her down and she did not spit up that much! Maybe it's just the added stress of having a two year old, but this one is the exact opposite. I am having the hardest time with breastfeeding this one. It seems like he eats non-stop and he's not that good at it. He has a hard time latching on correctly. He roots and roots rubbing the oobie, which in turn gets the milk flowing and he's still not latched on! Then we have milk spraying out, a mad baby and a toddler jumping on my lap wanting to watch monkey movie right now. Only hello, mommy has her hands full right now could you please be patient? "Yeah, Hannah patient" is her response, only five seconds later she is demanding to watch the movie again. Not to mention once he's finally latched on he has to burp like five seconds later and starts arching his back and we all know how wonderful that feels! Then there's the whole wailing whenever put down thing. Seriously, if he's not sound asleep do not even think about putting him down for longer then two minutes. Tack that on top of not getting any sleep and not getting out much and it's enough to make me wonder how much it would cost to ship him to grandma's least until he's sleeping through the night. Of course when calculating the price I also have to add in the cost of overnighting milk so he can be fed. Hmmm, I wonder what I would have to pack it in? Of course then I look his adorable little face and kiss his little feet and realize that this won't last much longer. In fact all too soon he will be the two year old demanding my attention and not wanting to be held or snuggled. I have to beg Hannah for a kiss or hug. Occasionally she'll give me one on her own and she doesn't sit still long enough to snuggle. So all together it is worth the lack of sleep and zombie like state because I realize how precious these first few months are....even if my oobies are really sore from the poor latch on techniques!


Renee said...

I'm sorry your oobies are sore! Mine were too b/c I thought I had Julia latched correctly, but was not even close! Results: soreness, cracking, bleeding. Have you tried "Soothies"? They are at most drug stores....little gel patches for your nipples to soothe them. Paradise! Hang in there and enjoy every minute because, like you said, it will be gone in a flash!


Stephanie said...

I have to say this is not encouraging for those of us who have yet to embark on baby #2. Luckily my first was a handful and nobody gets 2 "stinkers," right?! You are doing a great job sticking with the nursing. I sympathize, and like Renee said, soothies are a glimpse of paradise. Can't wait to see all of you.