Thursday, November 16, 2006

The difference between people with kids and without

On Monday the Golden Corral chain was honoring the veterans and active duty members by offering a free meal to them. Side note: Thank you to those of you who have served and are serving our country!!! The hubby and I decided to venture out into the madness because hey, it was a free meal. We understood that we live in a military town and that it would likely be packed but we decided to give it a try anyway. Well, we pulled into the parking lot to notice that the line was all the way out into the parking lot. Um, yeah two kids....not going to happen. If we didn't have kids we would have been right there waiting with the rest of the crowd, who incidentally for the most part did not have children. So, we turned around and drove back to our town and picked up chinese. As we walked into the house we heard a strange sound. After looking around for about five seconds we realized the fish tank was leaking all over the carpet. At that point I was thankful that we didn't stay at the feeding frenzy because we had lost about 1/3 of the water while we were gone and it would have really been a mess if we didn't arrive home when we did. However, the food was hot and Hannah was cranky so we ate are chinese before messing with the darn fish (I did however throw some towels under the tank to absorb up some of the water). Since we had just driven from our neighboring town that has actually has stores where you can buy fish tanks, we decided to wait and just put the fish in a Rubbermaid tub for the night. Which Hannah thought was the funniest thing!
Coincidentally, I also had my 6 week check-up on Monday. Unfortunately, even though Tony told me to schedule it for that day because he would be able to watch the kiddos, he couldn't get off. So, I dropped Hannah off at a friends and to Mr. Man with me. He did fine until I got into the exam room. So the nurse rocked his seat while I got examined...which I hate at this office. Instead of changing into a gown they give you this paper sheet to cover up with and you leave your shirt on. The problem with the paper sheet is that it is not very big. I don't consider myself to be a big person and I can barely fit it around my butt. So as you're sitting on the table waiting for the doctor you feel like your crack is hanging out for all to see. Regardless, after the doctor leaves I throw on my clothes and meet him in his office. When I walk in he kind of chuckles and says "This is how you can tell the difference between women who have kids and those that don't. The ones with kids get dressed in under 30 seconds because they know that is about all the time they have." That right there is the story of my life!

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