Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

Hannah had been talking about getting her hair cut short "like Riah" (her cousin Mariah) for awhile. I'm not sure where it came from, but she just decided one day that she would like her hair cut short. So, we talked about it. Me telling her that it would take a REALLY long time for her hair to grow back when she cut it. Her telling me she didn't care because she wanted it cut short. She would also inform me that she didn't want bangs anymore.

The problem was that I did not want to get her hair cut! She has such beautiful long hair. It would lay so nice, even without brushing it in the morning. It is so thick and has natural highlights...sigh. In the end I decided that it is her hair so she should get to pick how to wear it. That plus, she was starting to be a real pill when it came to brushing her hair. She would instantly tear up and start whining before I would even start to brush it. I figured, fine we would get a few inches cut off and it would be easier to manage.

On Friday we headed to the salon. Here she is pre-cut:
We started off cutting about 4-5 inches off.

When we were all done she decided that wasn't long enough! So I asked her how short she wanted it and she pointed to her cheekbone. That was a little too short for me. Instead we chopped another 4 inches off!
She was so excited and proud when we were done.
She was very excited to have her hair cut like Riah. She even said that next time Riah saw her, Riah would think that she was Riah! Too funny. Here she is with her pile of hair.

I was a little sad to see all of that hair come off. I'm still not sure of the haircut. It is all one length, so it doesn't lay very nice. I think it is because her hair is so thick that it sort of looks like it is just chopped off. I think the bottom layer should have been cut a little shorter so it would lay nicer. In order for it to look decent I have to take the flat iron and give it a little curl. Oh well, it's only hair right?


Alex said...

ok, I seriously LOVE her new haircut, it is so cute!!!!

Emily said...

She looks absolutely precious! I love it! And what a grown-up girl for making the decision all by herelf.

Kim said...

It looks great! She is so grown up to make that decision all by herself! She looks so pretty no matter what the length of her hair and she is so lucky to have such amazing hair! She will love that when she is older. That was cute that she said Riah would think she was Riah! Adorable.

Anonymous said...

I love the new layout. The paisley is cool. I think my favorite is Tony's pirate face LOL!I like the 1st pic of the jewelry too. Nice angle and focus. did you have a good time with your dad? steph

Greene Family said...

She looks so adorable and so grown up with her new haircut!! I can imagine that it was tough on you to see so much of her hair being cut though. She's too cute - Riah would think that she was Riah!