Tuesday, November 04, 2008

We Rocked the Vote

I VOTED....with a two year old on my hip. It doesn't get much harder than that, so really there is not excuse as to not voting.
(Apparently it is harder to take a self portrait in the mirror than I thought. This was the best out of a million shots, and even then I had to crop it.) Also, in case you were wondering if I left Tater at home by herself while the boy and I walked downtown to vote, I didn't. She was with her Grandma Cath and got to vote with her. Although, she wasn't sure what a vote was and got quite anxious in line since they had to wait 40 minutes. We on the other hand walked right in and voted.


Mike said...

Woot for voting, and woot again for taking the kids along! I really wanted to take Evan, but was too anxious to get it in and over with to wait for him to get home from school! LOL

Alex said...

We voted with both kids, that was interesting!! LOL