Wednesday, March 26, 2008

An Easter Photo Essay

Our Easter spanned two weeks, as we had Easter at my in-laws on Palm Sunday and then Easter at my parents on Easter. So I thought I would use a bunch of pictures since I have not posted any in awhile due to blogger's picture loader being broken for a few weeks.This was Palm Sunday, our family. Unfortunately my father-in-law only took one picture for us so even though us girls are smiling pretty...the boys have their usual look.
Tater and her Daddy. (Note he has the same look as above photo) Such a sweet picture!

My poor Zandey on the egg hunt. He had a fever all day, and we just assumed it was a combination of teething or ears. So, he was a bit clingy and unhappy for most of the day. When we got home we took his temperature and it was 103.0 under his arm. It ended up he had Rosiolla and had the fever all of Monday and Tuesday then got a slight rash on Thursday.

Little Zandey collecting his eggs at the egg hunt at grandma and grandpa's. I think he did have some fun despite the fact that he had a fever.

Tater finding an egg...notice her facial expression she takes after her Daddy quite a bit in this department. Quite the excitement on finding eggs.

Here she is right after she found her basket. She is showing me her Duckie Fur-real. I forgot to mention that she just had to have a polka-dot dress. I looked all over to find a cute one for Easter, this was a second favorite as it was not the spring colors. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures on Easter Sunday when she was in her dress:(

Is this how I use the bucket mom? This was Easter Sunday and he was feeling much better. We had our egg hunt after we got home from church because my kids do not like to get up early (and neither does mommy).

Here is Tater finding an egg with another goofy face. If I would post pictures of my hubs you would understand that it comes naturally. Also please don't mind how busy the picture is because I was too lazy to crop it.

Apparently I need to be more clear with my directions. He is looking for his basket "under the desk." I laugh just looking at the picture because the basket is just staring him in the face and I had to point it out to him.

Hannah had much better luck finding her basket. She learned how to play the hot and cold game at Grandma Chips house practicing egg hunts. It was so funny because the first time Grandma said you are getting're burning up, Hannah asked why Grandma said she was going to start a fire. It took us a minute to figure out what she was talking about. Here she is exclaiming that she got "Pongo mobee." Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures at my Mom's Easter...not sure why because I had my camera!
Overall it was a great Easter. We celebrated with family and it was not too busy. I did make three pies from scratch and it took me a lot longer than expected. Of course I waited until Saturday night to start them, but that is typical. I made an apple, coconut cream and a sugar pie. Overall they turned out good, but the sugar was not what I expected. And we got a BUNCH of candy!

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Anonymous said...

It's a good thing you got your wonderful new camera for your birthday just to forget to take! I would NEVER do that :) Stephanie