Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Jingle Bells

We FINALLY got a tree on Sunday. There was much debate at the Tater-Tot household; get one, don't get one, artificial, real.... So while hubby was at a friends watching the game I made an executive decision because my little girl wanted a tree. She was so excited to pick out a tree, although I was a little bummed because going to wally world is not the same as going to the real tree farm in Ohio. Anyway, the entire time she kept talking about jingle bells. "Are we going to put jingle bells on our tree mommy? I really want jingle bells!" Mind you I had no idea what jingle bells were. The next morning we could not find the tree stand, hmmm maybe the shed. I braved the spiders to look for the stupid thing. Not there. Hubby went to storage, not there. Well maybe the garage, yep right where he said it wasn't! Well our tree stand is from the lovely tree farm in Ohio. It is the kind with a spike in it that you pound into the tree. Only at the farm they do it for you, well obviously that was not going to happen. So hubby pounded away. After not much progress I suggested that he should hit it harder. Well that is all it took to crack the water bowl. Next step, improvise. While I was telling him to go get a new one, he had it in his head that it would not be that hard to make one. So when I was not looking he took one of my nice big plastic mixing bowls and drilled a hole in it. Nice. For now it is holding its own. So, a couple of hours after planned the tree was up. Which actually worked out nice because it was Alex's nap time. As I opened up the bin with all of the decorations Hannah exclaims "Jingle bells! Are we going to put them on the tree?" I was kind of surprised to see that they were the actual bulbs that she must have noticed when we put up the rest of the decorations last week. When I told her we were, she shouted "Cool dude! High five!" It was so cute.
Here she is with her jingle bells. The entire bottom of the tree was full of glass bulbs, which I explained we had to move so that Alex could not reach them. She did not mind, she thought she was big stuff helping and kept saying "I put this high so Alex can't reach." She was quite proud of herself. In the end there was this small group left.

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