Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Apples and Oranges

Lately I have been noticing a couple differences in the personalities of how Hannah was as a baby and how Alexander is. For instance, Hannah loved the paci and used it all the time. In fact we just got her off it a few weeks ago. Alexander on the other hand, rarely uses one because he would rather suck on his fingers. Unfortunately, he hasn't quite figured out how far he can stick them in before gagging himself. Alex laughs so easily, a complete stranger can get a smile from him. Hannah was always a little harder to get laughing, and she would only "belly" laugh for her Daddy. Another difference, loud noises never seemed to bother Hannah, but Alex gets startled easily and then wails. He also shows a little stranger anxiety, but Hannah was always very social. When it came to bedtime, Hannah used to go to sleep easily and would wake up early (as a baby) and Mr. Alex prefers for me to put him to sleep and will sleep most of the morning. Nursing the two has been pretty similar in the fact that they ate supper fuss. The difference, Hannah would fuss a little to cue me in that she was getting hungry. Alex, the barracuda, can get really upset and when I pick him up he starts attacking me to try to get to the food! I'm sure that as they continue to grow there are going to be so many more differences. It is amazing how they are the same, yet different.

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