Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Case of the missing remote

So last week, while Mommy was out and Daddy and Hannah were spending some quality time together, the remote to the tv magically vanished. When I noticed it on Wednesday I looked everywhere. Under the couch, in between all of the cushions, under the chair, in the plant and I even looked in the kitchen. Of course all my searching was to no avail and Hannah did not understand why she couldn't watch Dora (I need the remote to change the input on the television). She was not very happy that morning, but when Daddy came home from lunch he showed us how to change the input without the remote. All was well, except the remote was still missing. I looked and looked all week and couldn't find it. Finally on Monday night, when Daddy was painting and I was supervising, I walked out and there was the remote in Hannah's hand. Where did it come from? I asked hubby if he found it and he said no, that means that the girl had stashed it somewhere and just decided that we had enough torture in our remoteless world so she decided to bring it out of hiding. Who knows where she had it at, but I know that if it ever comes up missing again, she'll be the first person I ask where to find it!


mamalife said...

Yes, but I doubt she'll tell you!!!

Grandma Chips said...

My bet is hidden inside her little refridgerator somewhere. Her daddy lost many a remote. He should be an expert at finding them!!

Stephanie said...

Just give me some tips for the future as Reece loves the remote already. I'm sure that will be a regular occurance in our house when he becomes mobile.