Friday, March 24, 2006


It seems that when you are considering adding an addition to your family, you kind of forget all of the "bad" and focus on the good. For instance, I kind of forgot how sick I was with Hannah. Believe me, that I remembered very quickly after getting pregnant. It is also funny that different smells trigger the sickness. With the Tater, I could not stand the smell of the swiffer wet pads, a sweet pea lotion and aquafresh extreme clean orange toothpaste. To this day I can not use those products. So far with this baby it has been Hubby's cologne, my deodorant and a vanilla scented oil in the guest bathroom. I'm a little bit sad because I really loved the cologne before I was pregnant, now I'm afraid he'll never be able to wear it again. In fact, every time I walk into the room where the cologne is stored I gag. Not a good sign! I am also having aversions to just about every food and drink there is, making it awfully difficult to eat an entire meal without problems. I even have problems drinking water. My mom suggested I try some flavored water, just to stay hydrated, but after a couple bottles of those I can't even stand looking at them. Other than that, things are going pretty good with this pregnancy, good if you consider the fact that I don't cook or clean because I'm so nauseated. Bad if you're my husband and have taken over almost all household duties. Gotta love a man who will do that with minimal complaining!


Anonymous said...

Catie...I feel for ya! My main aversion is refried beans...yuck! Can't wait to come visit in a few weeks!!! Love-Molly

Steph said...

The bright side is you won't have to worry about ruining the hot body you worked so hard to get. Can't wait to see the baby bump in a few weeks!