Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fun at the Beach

Look how sweet and cute these kids are! My two little water babies, well one is a water baby and the other is a sand crab. I bet you can't guess which one is which...
For any wiggles fans, the song running through my head right now if "Having fun at the beach. Fun, fun, fun at the beach" I'm sure you know the one I am referring to. Anyway, we have been visiting the beach daily since being in NC and the kids have been loving it. Well, Hannah has been loving it and Alex has been loving the sand. Seriously, the kid eats the sand. Can't get him to stop, to him it is some sort of delicacy. Whenever we look away he shovels it in. Hannah is finally enjoying it. At first she was nervous and did not want to play unless she was hugging right on my side. Gradually she has gotten better to where now she is back to where she was last summer. Wanting to go out in the "big" as she calls the deep water, and jumping and playing at the edge. We took a ferry to an island yesterday and she loved it. She wanted to stay on the boat, of course by that point in the day with no nap I would have gladly let her...I don't think the captain would have been down with that though. We only have a couple days left and I am sad. I wish we were here to stay, and mostly wish that hubby was here with us.

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