Friday, September 15, 2006


As I was cleaning out our disgusting fish tank today, the girl was happily playing in her toyroom (which is off the kitchen). I couldn't see her because I was in the bathroom scraping build-up off of the tank, but I could hear her playing so all was well. Pretty soon I heard her walking through the kitchen, she came to me said a few things then went back to play. Or so I thought. I went to the kitchen to get more paper towels and found rifling in my purse. Leave Mommies purse alone!, I told her and she did. Moved the purse, went back to scraping. A few minutes passed and I went to put tank back together. Walked into the kitchen to get something and saw her in the playroom with the tin of icebreakers sour mints. She held them up and said "Mommy, nummy?" (Yummy) Anyway, she loves these mints so I told her to bring it to mommy and I would get her some. So, she brought me the empty container. She managed to eat an entire container of mints in less than five minutes!!!! Thank goodness they are sugar-free!

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