Friday, April 07, 2006

Calm before the storm?

This week has been a relatively quiet week. Almost a little too quiet to be the Tater-tot household! So that means no funny stories for the blog. Sorry but these are just going to be some boring ramblings for those of you that have asked that I update!
We have had beautiful weather and have enjoyed playing outside. We visited the park a few times, Hannah's new favorite thing is to try to climb back up the slide after going down! We tried to go to the beach today, it was gorgeous out when we left. The sun was shining, the temperature was high 70's. Unfortunately by the time we got to the beach it became overcast and windy. Hannah was very mad that we left without her playing in the water. We told her it was to cold and windy, but I don't think she cared.
On Wednesday Hannah received some presents from her Grandma and Grandpa A. and was very excited to rummage through the box. They sent her some new clothes (Dora of course), some new books and a few little Easter trinkets. The books are Dora books and I am about ready to hide them! We have read them over and over again each day. Don't you want to read something else Hannah? NO! Of course not, what was I thinking.
So I am just wondering, since it has been so quiet around here, when is the storm going to hit? Maybe it will wait until Grandma and Grandpa Chips are visiting next week and I can hide out until it passes!

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mamalife said...

My girl also likes to try to climb up the slide. And WHAT is it about Dora??? She is like baby crack! We are addicted at my house also!